Writers Are Gonna Hate, But Not While Kris Jenner Is Awake


writers hating on Kris JennerBeing a celebrity can be very rewarding beyond one’s dreams; fame, wealth, further business propositions, real estate dealings, and car collections. Celebrity status also means hanging out with other celebrities regularly. While being a celebrity seems very cool, it can take a severe mental toll on you. A celebrity lacks privacy. Wherever they go, cameras are practically pressed against their face. When celebrities aren’t being stalked or harassed, they’re being written about. Some celebrities could care less about what’s being written about them. But when you’re Kris Jenner, it matters.

Kris Jenner, mother and manager of the Kardashians, recently shared with the media that she accesses TMZ on a regular basis. And, of course, Kris has Twitter, which she uses regularly. If you had a TV empire and exceptional success outside of reality TV and were a mother of three daughters who follow you, then you’d be lurking around the internet too. Words that aren’t hurting the family and brand in any way is what Jenner’s looking for. Kris and co. have an army of lawyers, and they’re not afraid to use them. It’s reported that she has tried dealing with “trolls,” one of which retracted their statement and apologized.


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