Will Kris Jenner Manage Rob’s New “alleged” Girlfriend?


kris to manage son rob's new girlfriend Daphne JoyWhen you’re a mother of four and have wealth and media power, you must do whatever you can to protect such possessions and blood. Kris Jenner has been doing just that. To protect the Kardashian name, she recently dragged daughter Khloe Kardashian into filing a divorce with her still current husband, Lamar Odom. It was within good and logical reasons. But, not according to Khloe apparently. When you’re like Kris, you need to be a “manager” and a coach. Even though her daughters and son, Rob Kardashian, are all grown up, they’re still capable of making irrational choices in life.

In speaking of Rob, he’s been in cahoots with Daphne Joy, the mother of 50 Cent’s baby. Joy took Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) to court for damaging her home and inflicting physical damage to her. Court’s decision on the case is still pending. Meanwhile, the model/actress has moved on with her life with Rob, who she’s been dating as of late. Now, she must accept the whole package; Rob’s mom being her manager, Rob’s lifestyle, and not harming the Kardashian name. One bad move on Daphne’s part, and Kris will be on her like white on rice! Seriously though, she will. If Kris can manage her daughters, then she certainly can manage Joy. All it takes is a simple phone call and Joy’s fame will skyrocket.


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