The Kardashian-Jenner’s are keeping their tech-woman close!

Jen Garcia Allen and Kim Kardashian

After the closing down of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters’ applications, we’re told newspaper vet Jen Garcia is being transported out and into another piece of the family’s empire.

Other staff individuals are searching for new jobs, sources said.

Garcia has been tight with the family since she was an editorial manager at People; she quit her job as news supervisor to join Whale Rock Industries, which delivered the sisters’ applications and Websites until last week’s announcement that they’re closing down.

Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Jen Garcia Allen

Now Garcia’s being relocated.

In the mean time, we hear, the rest of the staff sent out e-mails telling contacts they were “moving on.” We hear they’re getting severance.

Insiders said the sisters haven’t connected with staff, however they’ve heard from them “indirectly”

We’re told the sisters were “so over” the applications, which weren’t getting the subscriptions or promoting to make “as much cash as they needed to.”

“None of the sisters were putting in much work on it,” said an insider, “and they make quite a lot more from different things.”

They started the applications in 2015.

Garcia and reps for the Kardashians didn’t get back to us.


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