Pics! Kris Jenner Rocking Ripped Jeans, Sneakers and a Birken Bag


kris jenner youthful attire in sept 2013Kris Jenner may be nearly 60, but certainly doesn’t act, look, and feel like it. She was just recently spotted with attire that you don’t normally find on a 60 year-old. Even with her simple, yet complex brown tinted sunglasses, the overall look makes Kris seem much younger. As if she needed something to look more youthful! Around her back is a beige business-like coat. What’s a beige-like business coat without jewelry!

Kris is sporting two gold bracelets on her right wrist and a nice big watch on the other. On the same wrist where the watch is worn is a big black Birkin bag, one that can hold a couple of chihuahuas. For bottoms, Kris wore black tight pants with rips on each leg where the knees meet. For footwear, we have olive green retro-urban kicks with red on the back and above the heel and white at the heel, with camo green shoelaces. Oh, and almost forgot the gold necklace bling around Kris’s neck.


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