New Mother Kim Kardashian Praised By Her Mother Kris Jenner


Kim Kardashian's motherhood praised by Kris JennerIt’s been 1 1/2 years since the majorly publicized couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have been together. And, it’s been a few months since they got engaged. One more statistic. Last June, Kim gave birth to her and Kanye’s first child together. Chances are you’re aware that the baby’s name is North, middle name “Nori.” What some may not know is Kim gets her motherly love and care from her mama. Kris Jenner has praised Kim for changing drastically ever since she gave birth to the 7-month old. Of course, the change is positive.

Kris basically mentioned how Kim instantly became a true mother to her child. She’s loving, caring, and protective……….too protective……….Kris stated that Kim and Nori are practically inseparable. She’s lucky enough to hold her new grandkid at least once a day. Nonetheless, Kris Jenner’s very happy that North’s in good loving hands through daughter Kim’s constant display of affection and care.


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