Lamar Odom Defends Kris Jenner and Family From Dad


Kris Jenner and family defended by LamarIf you follow the Kardashian family via “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Instagram, Twitter, or all, then you’re most likely already aware of Kourtney Kardashian and Lamar Odom. To bring those up to speed who don’t know, Kourtney and Lamar have been married for 4 years, although they may or may not get divorced. It’s said that Kris Jenner, Kourtney’s mother, is trying to convince her to divorce Lamar due to his indirect hurtful behavior not only to Kourtney, but to the family. The press revealed that Lamar’s been doing drugs regularly and has been known to cheat on women.

Ever since the release of this news, Lamar’s been staying put. Not too long ago, his dad publicly said horribe things about Kris Jenner and her family. That’s when Lamar came out and defended them by saying how they cared for him, loved him, and were always there for him. Keep in mind that this is despite Kourtney being/possibly being in the process of divorcing Lamar. Seems like Lamar has won a good amount of brownie points. Perhaps Kourtney would disregard the idea of divorcing him altogether.


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