Kris Jenner’s Wardrobe Is the Size of My House!

Kris Kardashian
Kris Jenner

Kendall Jenner put up a video on Instagram Stories on Sunday night of her mother’s advantageous and GIANT stroll in “boss closet,” and, to put it plainly, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The space is finished, in true Kris Jenner design, with a piece of hard case luggage reading “MOMAGER.”

The video is short, however there’s a lot happening in it, so let me separate it for you. First, a noteworthy wall of purses shows up on the left – it’s six shelves altogether from floor to roof – and, in the corner, there’s a leather seat. You know, in the event that you have to rest from the difficult task of picking one to go with your outfit.

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The usual designer suspects are present: Hermès, Chloé, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to name a few. Then, the camera continues across the room to yet another wall of purses, this one dedicated purely to Kris’s multicolored collection of Birkin bags.

Kendall Jenner's instagram of her mums boss closet.

Kendall continues panning to uncover an entire wall of hanging space loaded with dress shirts, coats, and tops, however the it appears the most prized things are the bits of Goyard baggage put away in cubbies over the hanging racks, including the “MOMAGER” trunk.

Kris Jenners closet
Insane walk in closet
Kris Jenners wardrobe on instagram

I’ll just be over here dreaming about Kris Jenner’s closet for the rest of the week! Amazing.


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