Kris Jenner Shows Off Her Bikini Body on Instagram


kris jenner bikini instagram photo sept 2013Those who watch those Kardashian shows on TV may be familiar with the mother of them all (no pun intended), Kris Jenner, who just recently had a little photoshoot moment of her own. At barely 60 years old, Mrs. Jenner decided to strut her stuff in a large pool by wearing a sky blue bikini and an elegant metallic necklace, accompanied by eyeliner. Her face looks clear n’ everything! And you know what, she looks grrrrrrrrreat!

Kendall, one of Jenner’s daughters, had her own little photoshoot session by the pool. The resulted photo was released out on the web by Kendall in the not too distant past from when Jenner’s bikini shot was uploaded on the internet via Instagram. Perhaps Kris wanted to make a point in that she gave Kendall good genes. What matters most is many guys may want to see more of Jenner. Well-played Kris, well-played.


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