Kris Jenner Shares A “Valuable” Lesson With Daughter Kourtney


Kris Jenner Shares A Valuable Lesson With Daughter KourtneyThere comes a time in everyone’s, or most people’s, lives where they reach the point of going broke, and then completely broke! You can grow into wealth, or gain wealth, and lose it. Even celebrities have struggled in this aspect before, and there are some who are struggling to this day. Whether it be due to poor financial skills, lack of motivation to continue working, or poor life choices, they’re not so different from other people. Just ask our Momager, Kris Jenner, who willingly spills out some info that may’ve opened Kourtney’s eyes when she went to her and brought up the fact that Scott was looking to splurge on a helicopter.

It’s reported that Kourtney’s pregnant. With that said, Scott dropped his idea of getting an actual helicopter out of respect for the baby. He can always get helicopter models and use those to play with the children! Kris shared with Kourtney that her and Bruce didn’t have any money, despite Bruce having various luxuries in his possession. Kris also told Kourtney that she’s responsible for her and Bruce getting out of debt.  Furthermore, Kris advised Kourtney that her and hubby Scott Disick need to manage their finances better. Hopefully, Kourtney really listened to what her mother had to say and will apply that wisdom towards future expenses, and share such wisdom with Scott!


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