Kris Jenner Receives Negative Review on eBay


kris jenner negative ebay reviewOnline shopping is one of the most convenient inventions known to man………..and woman. It all started with eBay. Ebay has been around for nearly two decades, and is still being accessed by consumers today. Even celebrities use eBay. In speaking of which, Kris Jenner, mother and grandmother to the Kardashian clan, is an eBay dweller herself. She actually sells used items on there, one of which being a pair of black sunglasses.

A user by the ID cbry6010 managed to be victorious in the bidding of the $200 sunglasses, but the product ended up leaving them dissatisfied. In turn, the buyer left a negative review for the Tom Ford oval black sunglasses, sided with gold accents and miniature branding. In short, the buyer stated that the product was received with makeup on it and fingerprints. Hopefully for Kris, this negative review won’t impact her current and future on-sale used products.


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