Kris Jenner Reaches Out To Businesses: Kardashian Brand Is Kosher


kris jenner talks to businesses for familyWhether you’re a TV star, professional sports player, movie star, or a different type of celebrity, success reaches far beyond than just where you’re best at. Some TV, movie, and sports stars have dabbled in other things to help compound earnings, real estate being one of them. Models appear in magazines, and eventually work up to having their own clothing line and fragrance. Kris Jenner and her daughters are the epitome of being versatile in this fashion. Their distinguished success started on a TV and expanded to endorsements, business dealings, and the like. Even 17 year-old Kendall Jenner and 16 year-old Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the litter, have business to tend to.

Kris Jenner has been quite busy as of late. She did an interview, where she discussed the business dealings her and the whole family are involved in. A conference-type gig followed. It consisted of advertisers and agencies. Kris attempted to appeal to everyone greatly by stating that doing business with the Kardashians will be beneficial. She also pleaded that herself and daughters communicate with the public by being readily accessible through the social media world. This shows that the Kardashians have nothing to hide and are loyal to business and fans. It’s all strictly kosher.


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