Kris Jenner Once Feared Of This…….


Kris Jenner Very Joyed Of Daughters Having ChildrenWhatever the case may be for Kris Jenner, whether it’s due to passing by a family consisting of partially two children or watching children play in a park from afar, she ended up having a large family, and she couldn’t be happier………or could she? Kris revealed recently that, like most other grandmothers, she feared of not having grandchildren. Many parents want grandchildren before they die. Perhaps it’s so that humanity can be preserved and carry on? Grandparents just want grandchildren! And, our Kris is about to get more.

You have Kourtney, who has a bun in the oven along with already having two children, with hubby Scott Disick. Then, there’s Kim, who may be having another child with hubby Kanye West. While Khloe’s been without child, we can’t say that she tried. Her and Lamar attempted to conceive. Hopefully, for Kris, Khloe will have a child of her own in due time. Kris has been praising her children for having children of their own, or “being on fire,” and she wants more! Nonetheless, a grandmother’s love is always welcome and nurturing.


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