Is Kris Jenner Hinting At Kim Kardashian To Leave Kanye West?

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Is Kris Jenner wanting Kim to end it with Kayne?

Is Kris Jenner wanting Kim Kardashian to leave Kayne West?

Another report is claiming the momager is worried for her little girl’s wellbeing because of one of the rapper’s new releases. However, the story is being de-bunked on Gossip Cop.

The false article shows up in the most recent issue of NW, with the staggering headline, “Kanye’s Shocking Confession: ‘I Wanted To Kill Kim!'” obviously, he never really made such a statement. The statement is fabricated, yet was started by the lyrics to West’s song, “I Thought About Killing You,” which shows up on his new album, Ye. He has not talked freely about the significance of the track, nor is there any evidence it is about Kim.

In any case, the newspaper fights, “Given the albums various references” to Kardashian, “fans are persuaded the stun snuff melody is about her.” It’s then alleged Jenner, as well, feels that way, and is “begging her to cut Yeezy free for good.” An alleged “Kardashian family insider” is cited as saying, “Kris is extremely stressed for her little girl. She has no clue what Kanye could do straightaway.” The magazine’s assumed source goes ahead to claim, “She needs Kim to get the hell out of the marriage since she believes her and the children’s security could be in question.”

The claimed tipster even speculates that the implied circumstance could be “raising flashbacks to everything that happened” with O.J. Simpson and Jenner’s closest friend, Nicole Brown Simpson. The outlet later says, “If ever there was a time for Kim to run out on her rocky four-year marriage, it would be now… It sounds stressful in the Kimye Kamp right now.” To back up those claims, the outlet cites from a meeting with “Extra” in which Kardashian shared her initial response to West’s questionable remarks, admitting she cried and battled with him.

Fundamentally, however, the newspaper forgets the part where she praises West, saying, “I know my husband always has the best intentions. He has the biggest heart.” Also not said is Jenner’s Instagram tribute to West for his birthday a week ago, in which she affectionally called him “my son” and considered herself a “#proudmama.” Kris Jenner additionally expressed, “Thank you for being a constant inspiration, for being the most wonderful father, friend, husband and son. I am so blessed to have you in my life.”

That straightforwardly contradicts the magazine’s story about Jenner needing him out of their lives. Also, confirmation Kardashian isn’t as of now annoyed with the rapper nor he with her. On Tuesday, West posted a photograph on Twitter of himself with his arm around the reality TV star, tweeting with it, “Thank you to my wife for throwing me the most beautiful fun and intimate birthday party.”

Conclusion: NW, which falsely claimed Kardashian was prepared to separate from West a month back, now keeps up her mother/manager role and is encouraging her to divorce him. The force for the story is the Grammy winner’s new song about murder, despite the fact that there’s no real evidence to say the track is about Kardashian. Interestingly, both Kardashian and Jenner have clarified, in interviews and through internet based life, that they are sticking by him. Fans can debate on the importance of “I Thought About Killing You” all they need, however all that really matters continues as before: West has both Jenner and Kardashian’s support, and there is no separation coming soon.



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