Kris Jenner Keeps Up With The Kardashians (and Kanye)


Kris Jenner Keeps Tabs On Kardashians and Checks On KanyeWhen you’re like Kris Jenner who is a mother of six, it’s vital that tabs are kept on each of them. Even though the kids are all grown-up, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t wild, especially Kendall and Kylie who’s still in their teens. Despite the show title “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kris has been having a bit of difficulty actually doing so. After all, every Kardashian/Jenner is famous and successful. And when there’s fame and success, an exceptionally busy agenda follows, one which usually includes much traveling.

One might ask themselves “How does Kris become really informed of her children/step-children’s whereabouts?” Mrs. Jenner reported recently that she utilizes Google to help keep track of the kid’s activities. As for Kanye, well, there are people out there who are just allegedly looking for trouble with the rapper and family member. Kris only heard about the most recent incident involving Kanye and an anonymous non-celebrity dweller vaguely. One thing is certain; she has his back.


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