Kris Jenner Has Lunch with 90’s Superman Dean Cain


Kris Jenner Has Lunch with 90's Superman Dean CainKris Jenner loves high-end lunch dates, and has every right to enjoy them. She’s a mother of seven, is a businesswoman, and still has her day-to-day life to display on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” You know what else she’d love? Having lunch with the Superman before Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill, Dean Cain. Judging by various pictures that were taken by the two that afternoon not too long ago, Kris indeed loved such a lunch meet, and had memorable time, one which she’s more than likely to relive soon.

Kris and Dean laughed, talked, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. They were also spotted being dressed crazily in 90 degree weather. Cain wore a blazer over a black shirt, which isn’t a wise choice for a component of summer attire. However, it does work fashion wise. In speaking of fashion, the momager continues to preserve her sense of fashion by being fully clothed in black long heels, black leather pants, and a tall white long-sleeve top. Our Kris took the heat in such attire like a boss!


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