Kris Jenner Fixated On Broadway


Kris Jenner Takes On BroadwaySo, what’s the skinny on Kris Jenner? Well, for starters, she still looks better than ever. Kris isn’t skinny skinny. But, one can easily tell that she’s been taking care of herself. Who can forget the sizzling poolside bikini photos Kris took last September? Now that we know she remains in good health, her self-titled show, “Kris,” appears to have either been on hold or discontinued. That’s okay though. KUWTK (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) is still going. And, the lovely Kris Jenner has announced recently her intentions of being involved in Broadway. She won’t be in production, nor cast calling. Kris wants to perform.

Anything’s possible in life if you put your mind and focus to it. Our Kris is trying, all the while filming season 9 of the long-running Kardashian series. She’s been taking singing lessons to start off with. Anyone’s capable of doing anything. As long as you maintain the dream of doing that thing and take action to make that dream a reality. Kris said herself that she dreams of being on Broadway. All that we can say is, you go girl!


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