Kris Jenner Comes Forth and Apologizes to Bruce and Family


Kris Jenner Apologizes to Bruce and FamilyKeeping Up With The Kardashians has just completed (and broadcasted) a new episode on July 6th, 2014. Part of it involves Scott considering getting a helicopter, and of course, a helipad to go with it. Long story short, he actually makes the decision on his own to not go with his original intentions. One big thing that’s at hand is Kris Jenner (maybe?) and Bruce Jenner. Well, it’s been at hand for quite some time, knowing that they’re not together, and they are. Both of them were spotted individually not too long ago, Kris and Bruce were wearing their respective wedding rings, despite the divorce.

Returning to the July 6th episode of KUWTK, Kris and Bruce reunite with a nice quiet and peaceful walk on the beach during the day, discussing how Kris is too controlling of the family. She was very apologetic to Bruce for also being controlling of him. This is very forthcoming and mature of Kris to do this. This act could be viewed as some kind of reconciliation between her and Bruce. For now, we will take in the apology and hope for things to get better for the fam.


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