Kim Kardashian Defends Kris’s Belief That “Women Can Have It All.”


Kim Kardashian Defends Kris's Belief That Women Can Have It AllWomen have come a long way from gaining their present place in American society. From the right to vote to working a job that was traditionally that of a man’s, and one anyone can now do. Kris Jenner is all about working, but also playing. And, watching over a big family is part of Kris’s workload. The current CEO of Pepsi (Indra Nooyi) reportedly made a speech recently at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and Nooyi wasn’t shy about expressing her idea, which included women not being able to “have it all.” Kim Kardashian thinks otherwise, as well as her mama of course.

Kim countered that certain component of Indra’s speech by saying how she was taught by her mother that women can certainly have it all if you work hard and prioritize. Kim added that through Kris, she learned how vital and important balancing work with family is. A mother and her daughter(s) may have differences. But, Kris and Kim come together when it comes down to the concept of working and having a family of their own. You go girls!


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