Kendall Disrespects Mother Kris Jenner. Kris Maintains Thick Skin.


Kendall Disrespects Mother Kris JennerThere are mothers who can still hang or keep up. And, there are those who feel that they’re too old and would rather go home at 6:00 p.m., cover themselves up in Bengay, and hit the hay. Alright, maybe they won’t be entirely covered in Bengay. One thing’s certain; we won’t be seeing “The Momager” turn in early for a long time as we all may know it. Kris may be in her late 50’s. But, she looks fit, healthy, well, and vibrant. The Momager knows how to get down. One could access various of photos of her having a glass of wine, champagne, or martini. Kris can even work the stripper pole!

Apparently, all of these young and lively traits don’t appeal to Kendall and Khloe, who find their mother’s most recent energetic behavior distasteful. Kris was clapping and dancing to whatever music was playing as she was exercising. Kendall and Khloe happened to be there. Kendall cussed towards her mom while expressing her attitude towards mama Kris being all lively n’ happy n’ stuff, “This is so embarrassing…..She’s an embarrassment to the family.”

Although Khloe somewhat defended her mom by saying “Ever since Bruce moved out, my mom needs so much attention,” Khloe wasn’t really all for mom being active in such a way. Meanwhile, Kris continued to do what she wanted and shrugged off the insults. Nevermind what your daughters think, Kris. You continue to do what you want, and, you go girl!



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