How Much Would The Jenner Kardashian Family Earn If They Weren’t Famous?


In the event that the Kardashian family never came into the media spotlight, exactly what jobs would they do, and how much money would they actually have?

Just for a second, endeavor to envision a universe where the Kardashians never ended up popular – no ferraris, big mansions or designer outfits… it’s quite hard to imagine, right?

In an alternative reality where Kris Jenner flopped in her momager mission to make the most well known family on planet earth, what would every sister do for a living, and as indicated by their CVs and ranges of abilities – exactly what amount would they be earning?

This is what Reboot Digital Marketing wondered, and set about using fact and figures to asses the employability of each Kardashian sister – with Kourtney coming out on top!  Thanks to her College degree in Theatre AND her minor in Spanish – with jobs such as public relations suiting her, as well as interior designer or nutritionist thanks to her healthy diet she famously sticks to.

Selfie kween Kim came in second and was predicted to earn £31k a year, rather suitably as a Social Media Specialist or a clothing store manager – which totally used to actually be the case when the girls ran their own boutique, DASH! That means it would take 4,200 years to earn her predicted net worth of $175 million *sighs at bank account*.

Kim Kardashians curvy figure

Khloe was most suited to being a writer, estimated to earn £27k, and despite Kylie being the second highest earner in real life, she was predicted to be a good brand manager (due to her being CEO of Kylie Cosmetics) and to earn around £29k.

Poor little alternative reality Kendall was ranked with the lowest salary, only estimated to earn £25,000 a model (we wonder where they got that from) or a photographer! Luckily for Kendall, this is all hypothetical and she’s actually worth round $18 million, so, no hard feelings yeah?

Kendall jenner gorgeous


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