Does Kris Jenner Want Khloe Kardashian to kick Lamar Odom to the Curb?


kris wants khloe to divorce lamarMothers have been universally recognized as a representation of love, passion, and care. They’ve also been known to be nurturing. These traits apply to both humans and animals. Mothers would sacrifice themselves to protect their young. Now think back in the medieval era. Mothers who were of royalty would help preserve the family name whenever they felt it was being threatened or downgraded. Some of today’s mothers abide by this principle. Kris Jenner sure does, not that it’s a bad thing………..or is it? Khloe Kardashian, now 29 years old and in her fourth year of being married to NBA pro Lamar Odom, is being puppeted into filing for a divorce. And the puppeteer is, of course, mother Kris Jenner.

Who could blame Kris for applying the foot on the gas pedal? After several drug allegations and sex scandals on Lamar’s track record, Khloe continued to hold the belief that her marriage can still work with him. It’s reported that she had a back-and-forth session with Lamar, from distancing herself away to calling him to distancing herself away again. While always having faith may be admirable, Khloe refuses to play along the same tune with her mother, for now. It’s reported that she will finally decide the fate of her marriage with Lamar after filming the new season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Will Khloe finally take the various drug use sessions and constant sleeping around into account and end her marriage for her own sake? Only time will tell. Khloe hasn’t shared much with the public other than a recent selfie captioned “Love yourself for a lifetime rather than a moment.” This could very well be a sign that Khloe’s finding self-worth and is beginning to figuratively open her eyes wider.


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