Bruce and Kris Jenner Argue Over Kendall and Kylie Becoming HS Dropouts


kendall and kylie dropout of high schoolWhen you’re young and rich and live with parents who are rich, you’re more than likely to be “too cool for school.” You made it in life already without education. Although Bruce and Kris Jenner and the kids are living large, Bruce wants his daughters Kendall and Kylie to establish a normal life outside of the Hollywood glam. This includes having a college education. Wife, Kris, prefers that Kendall and Kylie enjoy their lives while they still can and worry about education at a later time.

Kendall and Kylie’s decision to dropout of high school was forced by business dealings that comes about normally in a popular and wealthy family. It’s reported that they did consistently well in school and are smart individuals. Bruce eventually gave in to Kris supporting the girl’s decision to leave high school. On the plus side, Kendall and Kylie will both be resuming their education through home schooling/online sessions. They’re both on track with getting their diplomas.


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